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This program is currently on hold until further notice

Become A CNA Today!!!


This program is currently closed until further notice.

- Background Check,
- Drug Screen
- Uniform
- BP Cuff and Stethoscope
- Book and Workbook
- Badge
- CPR/First Aid Certification
- Resume
- Interview Preparation
- Job Placement assistance

Scholarships are available by application based on income through our sponsors. Please see our list of partners. Click Here.


Class Options

- Day Classes
June 5th- June 29th
July 17th - Aug 10th
Aug 21st- Sep 14th
Oct 2nd- Oct 26th
Nov 6th- Nov 30th
Jan 8th-Feb 1st
Feb 5th- Mar 1st
Mar 12th- April 12th
April 16th- May 10th - M-Th 4 weeks
- 8am- 5pm

- Evening Classes
July 17th- Aug 17th
Aug 21st- Sep 21st
Oct 2nd- Nov 2nd
Nov 13th-Dec 13th
Jan 8th- Feb 7th
Feb 12th- Mar 14th
Mar 19th - April 12th
April 16th - May 17th
- M-Th 4.5 weeks
- 5pm-9:30pm

- Weekend Classes
July 22nd- Sep 3rd
- Sat and Sun 7 weeks
- 9am- 6pm

- Please call us for the next scheduled class.


CNA Program Requirements

- GED or High School Diploma
- Negative PPD or Chest X-ray
- Social Security Card
- State issued ID

All About the CNA

All About the CNA

- $10.50-$12.50 starting wage

CNA’s can work in hospitals, ICU units, surgery, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health, behavior health, group homes, and hospice just to name a few.

CNA’s work under the direction of nurses. They have an important responsibility to collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to help maintain the patient's health. CNA’s offer companionship, assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. They also use special skills to care for patients such as obtaining vital signs, monitoring oral intake and preventing infection.

In some states, one must become a CNA before becoming an RN. Many CNA’s are comfortable and equip to handle nursing school due to their experiences as a CNA. This is a good way to determine if becoming a nurse is the right career for you if that is your goal. NBCC encourages their graduate to pursue furthering their education. We want to be the stepping-stone to your new beginning!

The need for CNA’s in the field is growing daily! There will be a 20% increased need for CNA’s in the next 10 years, more than most job fields. That is over 1 million additional jobs that will be looking for YOU to fill them. This is due to the increase life span in the elderly population.
Contact Me About Classes

Contact Me About Classes

List of Our Partners & Volunteers

There's no way that one person alone could do all that it takes to help as many people as we do. Below are the names of our amazing partners that help to keep the New Beginnings Career Center running smoothly.