Our Programs

CNA Program:

Touch a Life

Our experienced instructors will provide you with the tools you need to make a difference in your patients or residents lives. We focus on active listening, effective communications and providing the healing touch. Our graduates provide high quality care to the community and pride themselves in making a difference in people lives.

Flexible Class Offerings

We offer day, evening and weekend classes to help you fit education into your busy life. We want to help you start your New Beginning!

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All inclusive tuition

Our tuition includes everything you need to be a successful graduate of our state-approved CNA program. There are no hidden or last minute fees. Find comfort in attending a CNA program that has your best interest at heart.

Scholarship Writing:

Scholarship Writing: This workshop walks participants through writing an actual scholarship for college.

Tell a story

Discuss your personal history and why those experiences have led you to apply for these scholarships.

Write an outline

Learn how to prepare your outline to serve as a roadmap to a successful and complete scholarship essay.

Essay proofreading

Even a well-researched and passionately written essay can be derailed by spelling mistakes or awkward sentences. Proofreading can make a huge difference.

Resume Writing and Interviewing:

This workshop is designed to assist individuals in writing a personalized complete and concise resume.

Interview Techniques

Learn how to prepare for an interview. What to wear, what questions to ask and overall interview etiquette.

Cover Letter

One of the most important and overlooked aspects that many applicants skip is the cover letter. You'll learn how to write a proper cover letter to sell yourself.


Many people don't have a resume simply because they don't know how to prepare one. We help you to articulate your skill-set in a professional manner.

Professionalism/ Customer Service:

This workshop is for individuals currently employed or those looking to be employed.


Appropriate business dress and grooming, verbal communication and telephone skills, time management and general professional demeanor.


The secrets to staying cool when customers get hot. Patience is more than a virtue. It’s also a customer service necessity.


As a customer service skill, positivity is about the language you use to communicate with your customers.