The Necessity of Work/Life Balance

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The Necessity of Work/Life Balance

As a job seeker, it can be a daunting process compiling your work history into a condensed resume. After completing the resume, comes the job search and submission of applications. Next, you have your interview and if you are a qualified candidate, you land the job. A new job is exciting and opens many opportunities for learning and growth. The job also comes with many responsibilities and sometimes unexpected tasks. What happens when you juggle those work responsibilities and unexpected tasks along with life’s endless responsibilities (marriage, family, school, church, community service, etc.) and emergencies? There is a need for work/life balance to handle all that life throws at you. I will share some tips and important information on what it means to have work/life balance and how it can prolong your productivity and well-being.

You may ask what is work/life balance? According to, work/life balance simply means, “Meaningful daily Achievement and Enjoyment in each of our four life quadrants: Work, Family, Friends, and Self. Yes, there is more to us than just what we do from 9a-5p. Outside of work, we are parents, students, caregivers, social activists, etc. and it is very important to find a balance that works best for you in all spectrums. Notice the two words emphasized, achieving and enjoying. We, as a society, are great at achievements and accomplishments especially in the workplace, but what about the experience of enjoying what we do at the office and away from the office. How do we go about blending the two? Again, the concept is all about finding what works for you. The following are 5 causes of work/life imbalance from :


  1. Societal expectations- society brings forth the pressure to have a certain level of success or status by a certain age. It’s very easy to get caught up in those unrealistic expectations. Know the difference between being conditioned and conformed and what works for you.
  2. Extreme ambition-Too much ambition causes a person to be unhappy and have the need to hide failures and avoiding others. Make sure your goals are in sync regarding work and life.
  3. Desperate for perfection-Nothing in life is perfect and social media images tend to fuel this perception that it is the opposite. Striving for perfection only causes more imbalance and lack of happiness.
  4. Denied depression- Today’s society perpetuates that it is taboo to be depressed or burnt out which leads to more damage mentally, physically, and spiritually when it’s not addressed. It is important to recognize that depression and burnout are real, and that therapy and lifestyle adjustments are needed.
  5. One size fits all- what works for everyone else does not work for you. Choose a career and employers that fit your values and allows you to have full control of your life.



Economic Times also lists the following 10 tips to help with work/life balance:


  1. Choose three- pick three things that are important to you that you can focus on
  2. Draw your clock- track how you spend your time daily and during holidays; draw a visual clock that will help you prioritize what’s urgent/not urgent and important/unimportant
  3. Look for change- this is self-explanatory; always find ways to change and improve your work/life balance
  4. Small steps- Start everything gradually with baby steps and only make 2 small changes daily. Remember 21 days creates a habit.
  5. Mind and body- Physical exercise, music, hobbies, companionship are ways to de-stress the mind and body.
  6. Unplug- Set aside time in your day to unplug from your phone, internet, or anything else that connects you to work.
  7. Take 5- Learn to take 5-minute breaks at work or take a vacation of at least 5 work days to de-stress.
  8. Understand face-time- Schedule designated time to meet face-to-face with your manager either daily or weekly; this allows for updates and necessary adjustments.
  9. Don’t multi-task- Focus on one thing at a time; be in tune with what’s in front of you
  10. One hour a day- Set aside time for an hour daily to recharge and reset


From a personal standpoint, I am all for faith-based solutions for everything and that includes work/life balance. One of the ways I create a healthy work/life balance is with prayer and meditation of my favorite scriptures. I also share my struggles periodically with my accountability partners and women’s group, along with monthly meetups as a form of fellowship. Regardless of what direction you take, make sure that whatever you choose to create that balance, that it is something that is comfortable for you. In closing, the following link is a great article written to encourage women specifically who are struggling to obtain work/life balance: I believe the article can help women to be steadfast in their pursuit of a healthy work/life balance. I hope you will enjoy reading this information I’ve presented as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.



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