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Are you looking to get back in the work force? Have you filled out applications and are trying to prepare for interviews? Here’s 5 tips to get you the job!


  1. Research! – After you’ve submitted your application and have received an interview date and time, it’s time to start digging. It is important to gain as much information as possible about your prospective company and occupation. It would be beneficial to know the company’s mission, vision, accomplishments, and most importantly who you will be interviewing with. You may also be able to find previous interview questions that are liable to come up again in your interview. This way you will have a sense of what questions will be asked and can practice how you will answer them.
    Having this information in your back pocket will show your future employer that you are serious about the position applied for as well as your long term position at the company. After all they already know about you via your resume and application, you might as well get to know them too!
  2. Dress for the job you want, NOT the job you applied for! – In any interview attire is always going to be the top factor that will determine whether or not your future employer will seriously consider you for the position. Your attire should make a statement, and in this case it should say “Look no further, I am the best candidate for this position.” If ever you’re unsure about what you wear simply remember; it is better to overdress than under dress, less is more in regards to jewelry and make up, and if you wouldn’t wear it to church then it’s probably not appropriate for your interview.
  3. Be EARLY! Because being on time is being late! – Punctuality is imperative. This plays into your first impression as a candidate for any position. Being on time says that you care about the company, the time of the interviewer and your time as well. In other words if you’re late don’t bother showing up.
  4. Confidence is Key!- When interviewing with a potential employer always remember that you are more than capable of filling the position applied for and doing it well. Your confidence should show in every aspect of your interview especially in your speech. Speak loud enough to where your interviewer can clearly understand you, have confidence in what you know and the questions you ask, and be sure to maintain good eye contact with your interviewer. Although confidence is important, remember there is a thin line between confident and cocky. Be sure to have the right amount of confidence and humility when encountering a potential employer.
  5. Thank You!– as your interview comes to a close a good tip that will set you apart from other candidates is a thank you card. It’s doesn’t have to be super long or expensive. However it must be handwritten. Handwritten thank you cards are seen as more personal and could be the difference between an offer and rejection.

Getting back into the work force can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming. However by following these five tips we hope that your next interview goes smoothly and hopefully will result in your employment. Thanks for reading!


This article was written by Imani Bennett, a senior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Business Administration.



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